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Motorway Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons Kingston Sutton

Since 2018, the DVSA has permitted learners to take motorway driving lessons with a fully qualified instructor, providing an excellent opportunity to enhance the motorway driving experience. Our Motorway driving lessons (in Kingston, Sutton, Twickenham & South West London) offer complete and comprehensive training. They are designed to help you feel comfortable while driving at higher speeds in any weather condition. Our professional driving instructors listen to your concerns, discussing your anxieties and areas of comfort, to provide bespoke courses tailored to your needs.

If you have recently obtained your provisional license or are simply seeking extra practice, our experienced instructors help you become a capable, safe, and confident driver on the UK’s busiest roads. During our motorway driving course, we cover a range of essential skills, including how to enter/exit the motorway securely, rules/signals knowledge, speed management, keeping distance from other drivers, dealing with weather patterns, defusing road rage, anticipation, and knowing what to do in the breakdown.

Enrol in our motorway driving lessons today and discover the freedom and confidence of mastering the motorway.

FAQs for Motorway Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons Kingston Sutton

Motorway driving lessons are specialised lessons that teach drivers how to safely and confidently drive on motorways, which are high-speed roads designed for faster-moving traffic.

Any driver with a full UK driving license can take motorway driving lessons. It is especially beneficial for newly qualified drivers or those who need more confidence in driving on motorways.

Absolutely! Since June 2018, learner drivers in England, Scotland, and Wales have been allowed to take motorway driving lessons. This means that beginners can gain valuable experience and confidence in driving on motorways with the guidance of a qualified instructor. It’s an excellent opportunity for new drivers to learn how to safely navigate high-speed roads and understand the rules and regulations specific to motorway driving.

Motorway driving lessons are not mandatory for obtaining a full UK driving license. However, they are highly recommended as they provide valuable training and experience for driving on motorways, which can be challenging for new and inexperienced drivers.

The duration of motorway driving lessons depends on your experience level and confidence.

Yes, motorway driving lessons differ from regular driving lessons, focusing specifically on driving on motorways. Motorways have unique rules, regulations, and challenges, such as high-speed traffic, multiple lanes, and slip roads requiring specialised training.

No, there is no separate driving test for motorway driving in the UK. However, motorway driving may be assessed as part of the standard driving test, or you can take lessons with a qualified instructor to gain additional training and experience.

Yes, once you have completed motorway driving lessons and gained the necessary skills and confidence, you are legally allowed to drive on motorways using your full UK driving license. However, driving responsibly and following all the rules and regulations while driving on highways is always essential.


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