Driving School Sutton Twickenham

Latif Driving Center is one of the fastest-growing driving schools and is becoming a more recognised name. This is because we believe that you deserve the best tuition in a safe and friendly environment.

Our aim is to produce an excellent driver in a realistic amount of time and with the best affordable prices. You will be able to choose between friendly male and female instructors that are very professional, patient, and punctual. Most importantly, they are approved by the DVSA (who teach according to updated rules). They comply with their Code of Practice.

Driving school offers driving lessons in Kingston, Sutton, South West London, & Twickenham. We believe that once you have experienced a lesson with our instructors, you will be satisfied, just as our other students who have gone on to recommend our school to family and friends.

Our Driving School offer lessons in Sutton, Twickenham.

Such a polite and educated instructor ❤️ #SOHAIL

Usama Awais

I did an intensive course with Bashir as a 32 year old. He was absolutely fantastic and I passed first time. I really would recommend them to anyone!

James Wheatley

My instructor was Nazia, she is so kind, so relax and teaching the technique with the logic behind it. She is the best. Highly recommended ? Thank you very much Nazia.

Fatih Donmez

Passed my driving test today all thanks to Bashir’s clear and confident teaching methods, I felt really confident when taking my test. I would highly recommend Latif Driving Centre to anyone and after having 2 previous instructors, I know that Latif driving have the best teaching standards. Especially if you’re an anxious driver, you’ll be in great hands with this school and quickly become a skilled driver 🙂

Tanya Jasmin

Mr Bashir was my brothers second instructor after the first one he was using retired. My brother learnt so much more from him and has become such a safe driver. He passed with only 2 minors. He was a very good instructor, who was patient and understanding. There were difficulties in getting a time for the test which was not Mr Bashir’s fault however he told my brother that he was ready and should not continue taking lessons unnecessarily and now his last one will be his test day. I don’t know any instructor who this honest and trustworthy. I would definitely recommend using Mr Bashir if you are looking for an instructor. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Daniya Mahmood

Passed my driving test yesterday! I was lucky enough to have Bashir as my driving instructor, he is really good in teaching driving! I am a complete newbie and I am thankful to Bashir for being patient, thoughtful & attentive to details! He literally can spot all your intentions (even thoughts :D) during driving and provides valuable instructions on dealing with various road situations.

Alona Ilienko

I very much liked instructor Bashir as he was very patient and taught me all the driving techniques which helped me to become a safe driver and pass the test. I would recommend this driving school and Bashir as instructor.


I passed my practical driving exam in my first attempt thanks to my instructor Mr. Bashir, Latif Driving Center. He was precise, clam, patient and above all very flexible. I strongly recommend him as a instructor for all kind of license seekers specially for mature drivers who are seeking British Driving License.

Zeeshan Afzal Malik

I was lucky to have Zile Huma as my driving instructor. She is very kind and precise and ensures you have all the necessary skills and information to pass your driving test.

Golnar Rashti

Passed first time

Isabella Smith

I passed today at Morden test route on manual. Good teaching, would recommend!


Found very competent and experienced driving instructor Bashir who taught nicely and professionally.

Musarrat Naz

Fantastic driving school and i had an amazing instructor called Kam , Hes so professional and Funny man and i recommend Him as a Instructor ! And passed 1st time under him !

Andy El-Assal

Pass first time on manual car in Morden. Amazing experience and fun learning! Gained a lot of road experience and knowledge.

Mudabbar Ahmad

I had been stalling my driving test for too long and finally passed through Latif driving school!

Danial Javed

I just passed my driving test yesterday ?. A big thank you to Nazia for her immense efforts and hard work to get me through this. She is a very brilliant and patient instructor, i almost gave up but she gave me the confident and motivated me. Her techniques are very helpful. I will highly recommend to use them if you would like to pass.

Anum Waqas

I passed on my first attempt with Nazia. She has a very calm, encouraging and organised approach to teaching driving, which helped to equip me with the skills and confidence in driving in only a few lessons.

Aslı Buyurgan

Very helpful and professional drivers. Mr Bashir was able to provide me with 15 hours of training alongside Mr Zahid, on very short notice before my test. I passed the test thanks to their guidance and would highly recommend latif driving school.

Ibtesam Jajja

Would highly recommend this driving school, Mr Bashir is the most professional instructor. Passed the first time thanks to his willingness and patience to teach driving perfectly!

Edjola S

A professional driving institute, where women can learn with confidence n dignity. Covered whole theory with simple techniques on Road. highly recommended

Saima Atique

Thank u naziya for teaching me how to be a good and safe driver all your help, suggestions and encouragement helped me to get a great result. Totally recommended she is best .give her 100 percent.Thank you so much.. I appreciate what you did for me..its because of you i passed my driving test today..

Minaz Mardhani

My experience was wonderful with this company. My instructor was Nazia who was brilliant. I am 65 years old and Nazia was extremely patient with me and helped me built up my confidence. She was always accommodating and explained everything as many times as I needed. I would recommend her again and again. 5 stars all the way.

Fauzia Moin

Nazia was a great instructor! She was patient and informative with me and helped me pass the first time.

Daniella Chopra

Zile Huma was my driving instructor and I can highly recommend her. Patient, kind and a great teacher. Thanks to her I have passed my driving test on the first try. She was encouraging and gave me the confidence needed. Thank you once again.

Mershel Kuah

What an amazing journey I had from start to finish with Nazia my instructor who has always been patient, resilient and supportive towards me. She has been an amazing instructor her work is professional yet made me comfortable at all times. I am grateful to have passed with her. Thank you Latif driving centre company. I will definitely recommend to my friends and family.

Mushiirah D

Passed my driving test yesterday at Tolworth. My instructor was Zile Huma, she is amazing, she has given me encouragement, guidance and support. Having had previous tests failed with different instructor and cancellations due to lockdowns, so glad I have passed this time. Thank you Zile for support and believing in me!

Dilnoza Usmanova

Passed my driving test first time yesterday and I couldn’t be happier! Thanks to Nazia’s clear and concise teaching methods I felt really confident when taking my test. She massively helped me learn very quickly, and was a great motivator who believed in my ability (even when I didn’t at first!). Plus she came through when I really needed her last minute which saved me from almost not being able to take my test… Can’t recommend her enough, thank you Nazia! ?

Chloe Morant

I have passed my driving test with Nazia. She is very skillful and motivating. I personally had a really great experience learning with her. I would recommend to anyone looking to pass their test asap. ?

Baljit kaur

Learning to drive with Bashir made it really comfortable for me to learn. His methodology in teaching helped me understand rules of engagement on the road. I really appreciate the challenging training he gave me. I did have a prior instructor before him but I feel that he’s techniques suited my learning style better. I am sincerely grateful to Latif Driving Centre (Bashir) for helping me obtain my UK driving license. I highly recommend driving with this driving school. Best wishes, Norsell ?

Nell Felipe

Simply the best!!!

Ben Mundeke

Best instructor thumbs up

Qanta Ijaz

Passed first time thank you for everything. I would recommend.


Pass first time only 6 hours. Highly recommend

Erald Isufaj

Instructor was very patient informative and showed how to improve and what I needed

Osman Tasci

Very good service, instruction manuals and precise techniques. First time pass and also recommended to few other mates as well.


Thanks sir excellent service the instructor is very nice and encouraging .

Sukh Samra

Very good Instructor highly recommended. . I passed my test and did it confidently. Thanks for the instructor

Jolen Goes

Took a few lessons not many hours and was able to pass my practical test a while back so highly recommend that you guys come and practice here


Excellent Instructor(Mubarak Siddiqui) I passed on my first attempt. Very supportive and friendly.

Akhtar Ali

The service was great and quality driving lessons. I would highly recommend it to any new drivers.Thank you Asad.

Ankit Patel

This driving school is brilliant! I passed first time thanks to my instructor Bashir Tahir. I really reccomend learning with them ?

Farah Ghauri

Passed my practical after 5 lessons thanks to Asad, he is a great instructor. Would recommend to everyone

Jacob C

Very professional and friendly. Completely flexible and extremely reliable. Every question answered and explained. Would recommend to anyone. I used to meet my instructor outside Morden Station (off the Northern line).

Nasir Ahmad

Service is amazing and the instructor , Nazia is kind and very helpful. I definitely recommend latif driving school.

Tehmina Shaheen

Great place to learn driving. The instructor is so helpful and very friendly. I passed my test just in first time. Definitely recommend

Madak Devi

I want to say thank you samina my Instructor, she is so kind and polite and she is very good instructor, I will recommend her ,she is sooo helpful, i passed my driving test first time on (30-01-2020)

Faisale Faheim

Had a great time learning with this school and amazing teacher Nazia, who was patient and nice and helped me to pass the test in just under 30 hours of lessons. Great place to learn with, I m recommending .

Jas Khan

Passed in first attempt. Instructor Nazia is very Helpful & Patient, She boosts one’s confidence & her way of teaching is Perfect.

Tanmay Sachdeva

I had a great instructor – Nazia sohail.she really helped me to get my driving game on. I just passed my test and I couldn’t be any happier. God bless her and Latif Driving School! Thank you so much…

Sadia Musawar

Very patient and very experienced, I would recommend this driving Centre for other people

Musawar Khan

Nazia is a brilliant instructor, her instructions are very clear, she is kind and patient, and has a way of boosting your confidence. I will recommend her for any students. Thanks Nazia

Melissa Gideons

One of the best driving school in london. I came all the way down from leicester for lessons and pass my test in two weeks only. 100% efficiency. Highly recommended. You will always remember my recommendation.

Shahzeb Rana

I had a lovely experience learning with Latif Driving Centre. I managed to pass the manual driving test the first time! Thank you so much for all your help, Bashir!

Schmera Ajithkumar

I only took a few lessons and passed my driving test in the first go. My instructed, Mr Bashir, was very polite, friendly and a great teacher. I got to learn a lot of life lessons for driving from him. Thank you

Basima Javed

My wife recently passed her driving test within 1st attempt. Very polite and professional instructor and trained her professionally which very easy to pass her driving test . Highly highly recommended.

Adnan Abbas

highly recommend Zile Huma, she is a great instructor and made me feel so comfortable and confident while driving with her.

Jessica Briggs

I’ve passed my driving test in first attempt. My instructor Nazia Sohail helped me alot. The best instructor ever. I have learnt so much in shor time. Highly recomended!!

Tehmina Bajwa

My driving instructor Ashad is best and so helpful. I just passed my test and it couldn’t be possible without his excellent technique and dedication. he is so kind and immensely helpful. he is very patient and polite. I would defiantly recommend ASHD. Thank you so much ASHAD.

Jemi Hirpara

Excellent instructor, really patient and cool headed. I didn’t feel nervous at all. I highly recommend Latif! Will definitely be taking more lessons with him in the future

Usamah Malik

AMAZING EXPERIENCE! I’ve had an absolutely delightful experience with the instructors from Latif Driving Center. They have demonstrated the highest levels of professionalism with each and every session being well planned and thought out according to my strengths and weaknesses. As a result of their extremely well planned training sessions along with immense patience that they exhibited, i was able to clear my test at the first attempt. I’d like to thank Mr. Basheer and Mr. Zahid for all their efforts – Thank you so much!! I Would 100% recommend this driving school!

Basharat Mehmood

I passed my test in under 30 hours thanks to my instructor Nazia. I’d previously had another instructor in a manual car that had left me really nervous of driving, but Nazia is super patient and perfect for someone that is scared at first as she gave me so much confidence. Would definitely recommend her.

Issy Thorpe

Great service

Aamir Malik

I recently passed my driving test and I would like to convey a massive THANK YOU to Latif driving centre and specifically to Mr. Basheer who in my opinion is one of the best driving instructors. The patience that he showed during the lessons helped me immensely. He had a number of helpful pointers that were easy to remember. Another point that I liked about his teaching style was that, he did not impose his driving style on me. Instead he enabled me to make the best of my own driving style. I would like to thank him again!

Bilal Mehmood

I passed my driving test today. My instructor was Asad. He is nice and cooperative. I highly recommend him. Thanks Asad I passed my test because of you.

H Ch

Just passed my test in the first attempt. I had my lessons with Nazia. She is a wonderful instructor and she is a very patient. She explained all the rules and gave me confidence to drive safely. I would definetely recomended Nazia. Thank you Nazia

Aza Rozkova

I passed my test in first try. Many thanks to Asad. He is very good instructor. Recommended.

Amita Patel

I began to study with latif driving school this August. I am so excited, bc I passed driving test today. It was one month time. That’s amazing! Thank you so much for Nazia’s teaching. She is a very good instructor. She is patient and kind. She fixed all the bad driving habits which I had before. I am really enjoy the time with her. She is very detailed. She taught me till I am totally understand. Every lesson she is on time and the car is very clean. Very very goo experience with her. Highly recommended!

Yijie Ma

Asad was my driving instructor and I passed my test first time round with 1 minor. He is a great instructor. Very friendly and patient and he really helped me so I definitely recommend!

Amber Jacobs

Today is an awesome day for me, at my first attempt I passed my driving practise test with one minor driving fault. For this I really appreciated Nazia Sohail. She helped me too much and gain confidence against the exam. She is very patient, polite and of course very knowledge about rules, driving techniques. Thank you very much for everything Nazia.

Serpil Y

A big thank you to my instructor Samina, she is very patient, understanding, professional and good motivator. She make you feel relaxed. Very friendly and good listener. She will not only teach you to pass your driving test but to be a good driver. Thank you for all efforts you done for me. I would like to recommend her for everyone

Joanna Adiyan

I had Nazia as my instructor, she is wonderful. She was patient with me, gave me confidence, explained everything correctly. I am very happy to have found her, as I only passed the test because of her. I passed my driving test on first attempt. Thank you so much Nazia you are the best.

Patricia Arraes

Zile Huma my instructor was great. She helped me learn so fast, but also had the ability to make me believe and she is a very good motivator. They way she explains and shows you the things during lesson is extremely easy to remember. I was ready to give my practical test after just 15 hours of training and I PASSED!!! I would highly recommend her as a perfect instructor.

Adeela Saif

Asad was knowledgeable, patient and responsible. He had to cut short my final day practice session due to a family emergency however, he came at 5 am next day to ensure I had enough drive time just before my test at 7 am. Passed at one go! ?

Rishad Sharif

My instructor Nazia was very helpful and supportive. she boosted my confidence with the constant encourgement throughout my learning journey .she suggests how many hours I need to practice more to be ready for me test and never taking the opportunity to push me for more hours practice. Her teaching is efficient and straight to the point.She always takes me to different places and challenges me with diffrent situations so I could be ready for my test.

Jon Hameti

I passed my driving test on first attempt with just a handful of lessons. Highly recommend Nazia, she is a brilliant instructor who is very patient and helped to build confidence in driving safely. She gave great guidance on mastering the techniques, I had good overall experience.

Isha Abdul

Passed my driving test first time, thanks to my talented and amazing driving instructor Zile Huma! She is a perfect driving instructor, who gives you the greatest advice and lessons to give you all the skills you need for you to pass easily. She’s extremely lovely and a great motivator who is incredible at what she does, most probably why I was succesful at my test first time! I would most definitely recommend her to all wanting to learn! ?

Nudrat Shakir

Amazing driving experience with my personal instructor from Latiff school. Passed first time i would definitely recommend

Petar Koychev

I would like to say thank you so much for latif driving school, I passed my test with one minor only I highly recommend Latif school very professional people.

Safana Abbas

An excellent driving school. Mr Tahir is a very friendly and patient instructor. I had a different instructor before and failed my test but then I only took three lessons with Latif driving school and passed straight away!

Anna Kremneva

I passes my driving with nazia Sohail. I am glad to come across her. She is the best instructor I’ve come across, helped me manage and overcome all my problems as well as to gain confidence. She motivates and encourages you being polite and I guess that is what everyone needs while practicing and going for test. highly recommend

Divya Patel

Passed my driving test on the first attempt. I took lessons for only 8-hours. Mr Bashir is very good instructor. Gives you all necessary information while teaching you to drive. And most importantly he is always on time.

Kunal Avhad

Excellent instructors especially driving instructor Asad. Really good skills and very good in explaining the areas to improve and how to rectify the mistakes. very friendly and polite as well. The best instructor I worked with who helped me to pass test.

Mohan RN

I passed the test on the first attempt after a few lessons with Mr Bashir. I enjoyed the teaching sessions and the attitude of the instructor

Ahmed Icemountain

I passed on my first attempt with Nazia. She has a very calm, encouraging and organised approach to teaching driving, which helped to equip me with the skills and confidence in driving in only a few lessons. I really looked forward to every lesson, and Nazia was very flexible with me around my busy hospital on-call schedule. I highly recommend everyone to use Latif Driving Centre for their driving test preparation.

Fatima Ali

My driving instructor Asad is one of the best instructor in the town. His behaviour, attitude and the way of teaching is tremendous. He helped me a lot in passing this test. I will recommend everyone who is going to appear in the test in future, he/she should take classes from Asad.

Ali Raza

Passed my driving test first time with just two minors, thanks to my instructor Asad who has really good teaching techniques. Also Latif driving centre is really helpful, they found an instructor really fast as i wanted to start my lessons as soon as possible, when all the driving schools are quite busy after lockdown. I would definitely recommend my instructor Asad and Latif Driving Centre to anyone.

Pooja Talukdar

I am so grateful to my Driving instructor Zila Huma and the latif driving centre for providing me with such a humble and very supportive instructor. I have PASSED my driving test and it’s all because of my instructor encouraging me and leading me and trusting in me. I totally recommend it. Thank you ?

Tee Beauty

Passed my test first time within 4 weeks of booking thanks to Bashir and the knowledge he shared with me! Many thanks, highly recommended.


I had an amazing time with Nuzhat.. She literally boosted my confidence during the lessons I had with her. I contacted Latif after I had failed my test and I wanted help in booking another test. It is then that I asked if they had an instructor in Mitcham and Modern and they forwarded Nuzhat to me. And she is the best thing that happened to me during the time. It is when I had passed that I realised I was her first learner! if I had met her earlier I would have had fewer lessons and passed the first time. She was friendly and professional. We need more instructors like her. Well done

Mariya Maria

My son Labeed stall the car more than 30 times in his first lesson and next lessons about 30 but instructor continue with patients and so my son. Getting Labeed to a test standard was a challenging task but both work very hard and finally Labeed pass only with two minors. I would definitely recommend using Mr Bashir if you are looking for an instructor. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Mansoora Munawar

Latif Driving School exceeded my expectations in every way. The online booking reservation was seamless, and I was quickly assigned an excellent instructor named Sohail. Sohail’s expertise and informative guidance made the entire process a breeze. Thanks to him, I passed my driving test on the first attempt. I wholeheartedly recommend Latif Driving School to anyone seeking professional, effective, and enjoyable driving instruction. The seamless online booking reservation, the swift assignment of instructors, and the exceptional guidance provided by instructors like Sohail create an ideal learning environment for aspiring drivers. They provide top-notch service and ensure success for their students.

Zatin Dharmapuri

I passed my practical test first time! Wouldn’t have been possible without the help of my amazing instructor Zile Huma, she is so patient, helpful and a very good listener if you have any questions to ask. Would definitely recommend Zile she is brilliant thank you Zile!!!

Yasmin Al-Aghil

My driving experience was great. Nazia was very helpful, she’s so kind and patient. She thought me a lot in short period of time. I highly recommend Nazia, she’s Amazing!

Ashford Konon

After struggling for almost one year and half with driving anxiety !stress !i have passed 3days ago with Bashir !From day one he knew exactly which teaching approach he needed to use withme and the lessons were tailored to tackle my struggles ! I have almost lost all my confidence after a tough experience with other instructors and not driving for long time but Bashir knew how to build it up again and gradually I was seeing the difference in my driving and confidence !I call him the iceberg man !very calm and knowledgable and will absorb any stress and keeps things under control !very experienced and extremely patient and will give 200% !

I was really blessed to come across this school and will highly recommand it to anyone struggling with driving anxiety and stress and lack of concentration !espicially if you are over 30! Thank you latif driving school ! Thank you Bashir for this short but yet incredible journey !you made the impossible possible !


My Driving Instructor was Kam, I went from complete beginner and with detailed written explanations I was able to pass my driving test first time. I had enough lessons to feel comfortabe driving too. Kam was funny too after you get to know him.

Keegan Peacock

Passed my Practical test today! Thank you Nazia for being so patient and kind with me, she is amazing and has the most genuine heart. Thank you again xx

Jas Chopra

I passed my driving test and Nazia was my instructor. She is a great teacher with lots of patience.She motivates and encourages and makes you feel at ease. She also provides accurate information which is useful not only for the tests but also useful for day to day driving . I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wishes to learn driving.

Michelle Machado

Passed on my first go! Felt comfortable during my lessons and had a fast and easy approach of teaching all the material. Would definitely recommend to anyone, really gave me the confidence needed for driving. Thank you !

Layba Ahmad

Passed my driving test with Kam. I had two instructors before due to moving home but Kam is undoubtedly the best instructor I ever have. He is very professional and knowledgeable about test routes and various driving skills. Highly recommend.

Matthew Chan

I have passed my driving test today. I would like to thank my instructor Nazia for being patient with me and gave me confidence even when I was in doubts. She is a very good instructor and helped me a lot thanks you nazia

Noor Jamil

I PASSED my exam today! My instructor is Nazia and she is amazing been patience and give you confident to drive! I’m strong to recommending her if you are looking for a instructor, I’m lucky to met her and thanks for latif as well to assigning her to me

Chiungwen Liang

Passed my driving test first time on Wednesday and I couldn’t have done it without Zile Huma. She truly is amazing at what she does! Her method of teaching is exemplary and very easy to carry out. Her calm, patient and encouraging attitude to learning gave me the confidence needed to pass. I couldn’t recommend a better instructor!

Mina G

Zile Huma was the best driving teacher I could of asked for . She taught me well and was very patient with me . I definitely would recommend her services. She will definitely get you a pass

Sahura Hussein

Took a few lessons towards the end of my preparation (practiced at home before thid). The instructor (Basheer) was really helpful and I’m glad to say I passed first time!

Maaz Malik

I passed my test first time, after doing lessons with Asad, who is a great instructor, always made me feel comfortable, was very patient with me and always gave me clear and concise instructions. He even came along during the test which boosted my confidence enough to be able to put small mistakes aside and continue on to pass the test. I recommend him to anyone that needs an instructor that’s going to help you pass in a short amount of time. I also rate latif driving centre highly for arranging things so quickly for me, and always keeping me updated.

Kourosh Keyvani-Far

I had some experience driving before but this instructor was always very calm and talk through things very well and polished up my driving so i could pass the exam on my first go. Definitely 5 star!

Matteo Segatta

Mr Latif is an expert in providing the lessons and has helped me in overcoming my fear of the driving test, since I was giving it for the first time. Thanks for the classes, they also serve Twickenham, Teddington and Putney making it more affordable for a driving test throughout the Greater SW london areas.

Prithviraj Patchigolla

Just passed driving test with Zil e Huma today. She is a very kind, honest and patient lady. She guided me throughout the journey. I’m very thankful to her. I will highly recommend her to anyone looking for professional driving instructor. Thank you Mam

Safa Irfan

First time pass with instructor Kam, experienced instructors, easy to navigate and high standards. Great school.

Tanya Newman

Really Happy with the Nazia’s Baji efforts to make my wife’s day. Thank you so much Nazia Baji for everything. Highly appreciated Highly recommended.

Muzafar Masood Malik

Have passed the test in my first attempt with Mrs Nazia Sohail. In a very short time, she has not only gave me road confidence but also she gave me very detailed instructions for each and every step in my learning process. Her way of guidance is great and necessary for a any new driver. I loved the way she introduced me with all manoeuvres with very helpful reference points. She is really honest and dedicated with her profession.

Safia Tabassam

Nazia is a very good driving instructor she helped me gain the confidence I needed to become a good driver. She is very patient, friendly and professional and will always encourage you. She has been very helpful and supportive in helping me pass my driving test. I highly recommend her she is amazing!

Reeta Patel

Asad’s teaching technique was perfect for my learning style, and I cannot thank him enough. As a relatively older student, it was especially helpful to learn from an instructor who is patient, kind and uncondescending. He was super flexible and worked hard to facilitate lessons around my working hours. My only regret is that I didn’t find Latif Driving School sooner!

Mri M

I’ve passed my exam for the first time, many thanks to Nazia for her excellent driving lessons, I’ve learnt from her anything needed for the exam

Zahra Sadeghi

Passed 1st time. Great school teaches you everything you need to pass the test and become a safe driver

Feroz Khan

Had Kam as my instructor, he’s really good and he knows the routes extremely well. ?

Jorge Puig

Kam was a great instructor who helped me gain confidence driving in the U.K. and learn the requirements of passing a U.K driving test.

Helen Muller

My experience with Latif driving school was excellent. My driving instructor Nazia was really calming and gave me the confidence I needed to pass my test. She was very thorough in explaining every detail and ensured I understood the reasoning behind it, I would definitely recommend her.

Safi A

This is surely one of the best driving learning centre in town. Zile Huma is the best instructor you can get…her way of teaching is so clear and simple and she’ll always make you feel comfortable. I was very pleased with her teaching and was super happy with the outcome she helped me to achieve. Highly recommend her for anyone who’s struggling to get a helpful driving instructor ?

Pooja Kumar

Great instructors, patient & attentive throughout the learning process. Would definitely recommend!

Felix Jones

Many thanks to Nazia, I have passed my ADI part 2 today at first attempt with three drivers faults. Nazia was a great help! Her motivating style to teach encouraged me immensely. An Instructor I would highly recommend. Thanks again!

Nuzhat Virk

I have passed first time, feeling confident all thanks to Asad he is a very good instructor. Very good at teaching and has a lot of patience. Would recommend him to anyone he has very good teaching techniques. Thanks again to Asad.

Leticia K

I have passed my practical test in first time . i must recommend Latif driving centre Kingston upon Thames. Instructor is Very professional with great driving abilities

Shehram Raja

Bashir is a brilliant instructor. He is patient, methodical and is very sharp to spot any fault. He takes time to give you timely feedback and strives to see if there is progression. He gives you confidence and gets you ready for the test. I would highly recommend Bashir as a driving instructor.

Sumudu Mathew

Thank you Zila Huma you are the best driving instructor and a great human being, with your help and patience I have passed my driving test on my first attempt, I would definitely recommend you….. you are the BEST

Pinky Chopra

ASAD is Very good instructor he made me pass first time with few lessons. Really well with his teaching and details everything about learning.


Just passed my test in the first attempt. I had my lessons with Halida and Nazia. They were wonderful instructors and they were very patient. They gave me confidence to drive safely. I would definetely recomended Nazia. Thank you Nazia.

Mahbuba Muhatar

Hi, I had been to 4 other instructors before I tried Latif Driving Instructors. I have learning difficulties but my instructor has been a great help. He was very patient with me, he tried many learning techniques and stuck to what worked best for me. I’ve now passed my test and I feel so comfortable on the road, Thanks you for the amazing support!

Hubba Sheikh

I passed my driving test yesterday. The second time, with 4 minor mistakes. I can not believe that I passed it, so happy! I strongly recommend my instructor Saimina. She is such a nice instructor I have ever and never met before. She is very patient and she know everything about the test. She always try her best to help me with my driving problems and keep on encouraging me. I am very appreciated. Thank you so much Saimina.

Tianlei Zhang

I have passed my test recently and it was good experience the way he teaches gives confidence with perfection

Mc Shmucks

Nazia is a really good driver and a helpful person. My mum said that she was really confident driving with Nazia and that she understood everything really well since Nazia explained it well. Nazia is generally a really nice person.

Aisha Ram

I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who’s wanting to learn to drive. I had Nazia as my instructor and I can confidently say she has been an amazing instructor. She made me believe in myself. I never knew I’d be able to pass in 12 lessons but thanks to Nazia I passed with only one minor.

Snober Khan

I recently passed with three minor mistakes. Mr Bashir is a great instructor who was able to teach me how to drive in just 6 lessons. His vast experience made my driving experience not only enjoyable but stress free. As a result I would highly recommend him and his team.

Nofil Mirza Ahmad

I have had an extreamly wonderful experience with Latif driving instructors! My instructor was Mrs. Nazia Sohail, she had tought me to drive in an incredibly friendly and calmest environment, has built my confidence from 0 to 10, her way of teaching is exceptional! However, it was little inconvenient for me to travel to and from to the lesson location rather than being picked up from and dropped to my home. But still affordable and highly recommended.

Arshia Tehreem

I just passed my test and thanks to my instructor Nazia Sohail, she is really polite and gets me as I panic alot but she was always very cool and calm. I will definitely recommend her.


I completed a 5 day intensive course and passed my test, a really positive experience. Instructor was patient and helped me pass.

Becky Freeman

I was so happy to find Bashir at Latif Driving after a not-so-great experience with an instructor at another driving school. He was so patient and encouraging and his humour really set me at ease. He explained everything in an uncomplicated way with lots of tips and tricks to help me remember. Bashir set me up for success and I was able to pass on the first time out! Could not recommend him more. Thank you again!!!

Alison Wycinowski

My exprience with Latif driving centre had been amazing, the instructor was very polite and used clear and thorough explanations when teaching. Really enjoyed my lessons! and would 100% recommend to anyone who wants proffessional lessons and pass their driving test.

Shawaz Ahmad

Best driving school in the UK. Highly recommended.

Muhammad Paris Khan

I’ve just passed my driving test, first attempt with only two minors. Nazia was really positive and encouraging throughout my lessons and made all the difference in building my confidence! Thank-you.

Clare Keogh

Passed my test on 21.9.19 my instructor Mr. Asad knew when I was ready. He is good in finding issues while in practice that helped me together with self-study (YouTube) to pass in couple of weeks.

Tahir Tariq

I want to say thank you to Asad my Instructor for helping me all ways polite, cortouse and on time and made it easy to learn, unlike some other Instructor I had before, I would definitely recommend him. Just passed Thank you..

Mo Ismail

I wanna say thank you to instructor Bashir, for his help and kindness through my lessons. Just had 6h driving practice and was enough to pass my final exam. I really recommend!!! Thank you

Cesar Pais

Asad was a great instructor and very patient. I passed on the second try with only 2 minors. The first test I failed because of a silly mistake but still only got 3 minors. Thank you Asad!

Serena Locatelli

Asad was very attentive, professional and friendly individual which made my driving lessons very efficient and smooth, with a result of me passing first time round. Thank you

Yasser Arafat

Great overall experience. From first lesson to my last, everything was a learning curve. Mr Bashir was patient and made sure I was a confident driver. Many thanks!!

Pawan Marwa

I am very thankful to latif driving school… And specially thankful to my instructor NAZIA .. She is an awesome lady very polite ,very hardworking ,very professional ,Very helpful and always motivated me in every step.. I am strongly recommend NAZIA as a driving instructor.. Thanks

Saira Mushahid

Highly recommended, one of the best place to learn driving.

Ahmad Jalal

I had Nazia instructor, she were professional and support me all times. Thank you so much.

Farah Abou Hareb

I passed the driving test very easy with Latif driving company is the best Highly recommend

Desentila Puci

Had a great experience learning automatic driving with Asad. Passed my practical test in first attempt. Would highly recommend!

Saurabh Shukla

Great instructior 4 hours pass the test really full help highly recommended

Artur Puci

Great place to learn driving, I had one of the best instructors naziya, she showed me how to drive really quickly and made me really confident to drive which is very important. Thank you

K Idriss

Highly recommended, he helped me build up my confidence and helped me pass by driving test.

Sumita Gajera

A huge thanks to my instructor Bashir! I just want to say that you’re a star and I really learned a lot from you. All the best

Kawtar Hafsi

Asad was a great automatic driving instructor, I would highly recommend him.

Mariyam Nawaz

Very friendly instructor, easy to contact and great prices for equally great lessons

Alejandro Akerman

best learning centre, I bet anyone come here will be successful in first attempt .

Tanveer Malik

Amazing instructor! The only person I can recommend to anyone.

Musawar Ahmad

Amazing service by instructor Nazia, highly recommended

Maha Mughal

They are experienced and know what to look for to pass the test. Thank you.

Buğra Demiral

Great instructor.

Hamza Bashir

Best Instructor in a Town

Afzal Khan

I pass with Latif

Hani Said

Passed my driving test. Thanks to Nazia. She is excellent.

Wijittra Natthanonworakarn

I’m not a big review poster, BUT my experience at Latin Driving Centre was a short but very sweet. My teacher was Bashir he was god given to me. Very kind, knowledgeable and patient man. I had 6 hours with him and passed my test first time. I will always recommend Bashir and this driving school to anyone who needs it. Thank you

Jordan Brogden

Passed my test first time thanks to Nazia. She’s an excellent driver instructor, very patient and has brilliant methods when teaching. She gave me the confidence I needed for my test and I’m very happy with the outcome. I really recommend her.

Bianca Vazzoler

Asad is a very professional and a decent instructor. He is patient and calm even when kept repeating the same mistakes. I appreciate how he made me regain my confidence in driving thus passing my test on the first attempt. He always reassured me when I felt anxious or doubtful. I highly recommend him for a great driving experience.

Dina Ani

A big thank you to my instructor Nazia, she is very patient, understanding, professional and really good motivator. She will not only teach you to pass your driving test but to be a good driver. I’m very happy to say I passed my test with her, in under 20 hours with zero mistakes. It was a pleasure beginning my driving journey with Nazia, and really if you are struggling to find an awesome instructor look no further!

Alvina Khan

I’m glad I came here for my lessons. The instructor was very nice and helpful. And always made sure I knew my mistakes and how to improve on them quickly. I believe he is suitable to teach any type of learner regardless of how fast they learn. I would definitely recommend to anyone. I passed on my first time doing the test thanks to The endless help of my instructor.

Khakan Ahmad

Latif Driving School have highly qualified driving instructors in Kingston, Sutton, South West London, & Twickenham.